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Turning to Hubs for some palliative advice

Must be that time of year. The cold, damp weather here in San Francisco and overcrowded train cars have given me a cold which, while mild, has nonetheless sapped a bit of my energy and left my nose too wet inside and red and chapped on the outside.

I generally don’t like to take medicine for a cold, so I took a look at some of the advice that Hubbers have proffered over the last few years. Here are just a handful that shared some really useful suggestions:

  • Common Cold Cures by Crystal Concepts – I found the advice to gargle with salt water particularly helpful. It completely took away the sore throat pain for hours at a time.
  • Zinc and the Common Cold by Aya Katz – I’ve had mixed results taking zinc lozenges, but Aya’s thorough examination of this preventative made me decide to stock them the next time the tell-tale scratchy throat hits.
  • Essential Oils to Help Cure Respiratory Problems by TheresaAnn – I always loved Vicks Vaporub as a child, so this was a fascinating read.
  • How to Prevent Colds and Flu by Marisa Wright – I didn’t know that changes in body temperature can lower your resistance to a virus. Good info going forward!
  • A Natural Tea to Help Relieve Cold Symptoms by Stacie Naczelnik – I’ve made this strong-tasting but nourishing tea and it works! You really do feel better, even if you do smell a bit off.

If you’re battling a cold or flu (or want to prevent one), take a look at these Hubs. If you have some great advice that you’d love to share with the community, please write a Hub on it!

Jason Menayan

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Hubber to Hubber
lyricsingraylyricsingray, From Toronto, Canada, 553 Fans, 77 Hubs, Joined 7 months ago

blondepoet interviews lyricsingray

A recovering addict finds solace in writing and expression

Today I was so fortunate to interview one of HubPages’s most inspiring and beautiful hubbers, Lyricsingray. This hubber has an incredible 538 followers in the short seven months she has been with us, heck even I did not have that many back then. I invite you all to join me as we get deep in Lyric’s brain and discover what really makes her tick.

Thank you so much, that’s quite a compliment and I am grateful to HubPages and all my followers.

1. This may seem like an old question but still one I am dying to know, what was it that first brought you to HubPages? Did you just perhaps stumble across it on the net on a leisurely Sunday afternoon while reading the local paper and eating a French croissant? Oh do kiss and tell!

I was writing for Associated Content for just over a year at the time. Not to disrespect this company, but it was just no longer challenging or enjoyable anymore. I began researching other options and it was my boyfriend who stumbled upon HubPages. Both he and I surfed through the site, and agreed it was most definitely the professional, and creative outlet I was looking for.

2. Lyrics for those who have come to know and love you, we have learned that you have had so many battles with various addictions that you have so bravely stood up and shared with all of us. This is one of the reasons I can relate to you so well as I saw myself in you. It takes a strong person to share their weaknesses. Have the stories you have shared with your struggles with your readers been hard to tell or write for you? Were you scared of negative feedback from people who don’t understand what it’s like to fall to the temptation of drugs?

Wow. I love to write, as we all do. Writing has become very healing to me. Someone I highly respect, gave me some advice once. Write about what you know and about what you love. I have cherished this advice and live by it. Sure enough it has worked for me. I do enjoy mostly writing about real issues, with the odd erotic story, here and there.

I have had many challenges in my life. Why, I do not know. I can tell you these challenges have all become blessings by the lessons I have learned. In turn, gifted me with humility and gratitude.

My IV heroine and cocaine addiction took me to a bottom over a 24 year time span. This I wish for no one. Today I am a recovering drug addict. I will always be a drug addict, god willing still in recovery. I could not be clean however, if so many giving people had not carried me here. I share my experiences, to help or touch even one other addict struggling, and give them hope. Hope of them knowing, they are not alone.

I have not found it difficult to share and write my experiences as an addict. Other issues I’ve written about, like abuse and mental illness have been very difficult for me. However, I really do write about addiction for the same reason I do want to touch someone. Even just one person. Addiction is a terrible disease and my experiences are common amongst addicts.

It is who I am. I have accepted that. Yes, I also had expected a few negative comments here from the start. I was sure on the Hub I wrote as my time drug dealing. It’s understandable when people may not understand the disease of addiction. Check this out. Not once in all my many hubs detailing pure honest details and experiences of my addiction, have I received one negative comment Only supportive and encouraging words. The amount of interest has also been inspiring.

3. Getting a little behind the scenes now Lyrics, I’m sure all your fans would be interested to know what you do in your spare time. What are some of the things that you enjoy doing when you are not writing some of your magical Hubs on HubPages?

I love photography, being able to capture a moment in time that always prints slightly different, than the real thing. Smoking cigarettes. I have been teaching myself guitar for 3 years, and loving it.

I have my own website for addicts. This takes up an incredible amount of time given I designed it, created it, and maintain it on my own. I do not recommend anyone do a website on their own. In addition, from this website was born . A snapshot into the pain and loneliness of an addict at her bottom, me.

Also, you know it had to include writing. Aside from HubPages, I am almost finished my own line of greeting cards, I am a songwriter and a poet, I am slowly working on two books that pair together, one is adult, for mothers, paired with the other, which is a children’s book for daughters.

Mostly I crank my i pod and sing and dance as loud as I can, and laugh at myself as much as possible.

I can’t cook because I do not know where the kitchen is.

4. You know it takes me forever to write a Hub,definitely faster typing skills would come in handy, how long does it take you to write a Hub, on the average let’s say?

If I am focused and not distracted it takes me two days of writing to produce a Hub. That’s with a stretch and cola every half hour or so and checking my email obsessively 🙂

However it is a struggle for me, all kidding aside. As some of you know, I have grade 8 education and I need to spend extra time checking things and proofreading. I am dyslexic as well. That accompanied with ADD, I am in and out of focus, continually, sort of speak.

Hubbing however, seems to help me with my ADD and I am learning more about proper English with each Hub I write.

5. Your beauty has indeed captured a wandering eye or two may I say, as I notice you have more than a handful of admirers.Heck if I were a bloke I’d go for you too, but I’m a female as you know so that’s the end of that! Any beauty secrets you wish to share with us on how you look so good?

HA. It’s too bad I’m not a bloke because your pretty hot yourself 🙂

It is so funny, thank you for the compliment by the way, how we perceive ourselves compared to how we are perceived by others. I am aware I don’t look like Shrek but I have always considered myself as a woman or girl that never had to do anything to look presentable. I just can’t say Beauty or I’ll pee my pants laughing. Nor can I think of a word that describes myself.

It’s like this, my whole life I have received very flattering compliments and received extra attention, I admit. To this day.

I have no beauty secrets however. Being a tom boy since forever, I never went to the salon, or used girly products, got hair extentions, or had plastic surgery. I wore minimal makeup, sport jeans and a white blouse most days and don’t ever get manicures.

I am lucky I suppose. This is me and I don’t think I have even one beauty secret. Oh, here’s one; wear lace, underneath, at all times, it makes you feel sexy. 🙂

OK I’ll be completely serious now. My beauty secret is being natural, working with what I have, and being confident that looks come from within, then shine outwards in beauty.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. sigh.

6. As you know I am a hairdresser by trade, famous for my lopped ear incident a few years back. Have you any particular trades of your own? What are some of the jobs that have put bread upon your table in your working career?

Oh boy, I’m 43 there’s a few companies that have fed me over the years since I started working full time at 14.

My primary profession for 20 years was a broadcast producer for International Accounts in Advertising. I worked on the Agency side, made a ton of money and saw more countries than I can remember. We worked hard, I loved it and I miss the directors and traveling (oh and the salary).

Now, prior to that, in no particular order,- I was a hairdresser (cut an ear too doing a straight razor shave),- cleaned used golfballs and packaged them for resale, – bartender (loved it), – modeling, – black jack dealer, – exotic dancer, – actor, – receptionist, – race car driving pit crew timer, – bathtub refinisher, – clothing factory worker,- executive assistant and waitress. Can’t remember any more at the moment 🙂 Oh yah, that lingerie black tie modeling job, that turned out to be an escort service. I had my running shoes on, lingerie and all, hurrying to escape the insanity of it all.

Charities; mobile hair services, – children’s hot line, – needle exchange, – operation go home, – national advertising benevolent society, – Audrey Hepburn Fund, – Foundation of Hope, – street haven, – advice workshops. Worked helping prostitutes find shelter and sat to volunteer an ear to underage street victims.

7. For those who don’t know you (they are missing out big-time) how would you best describe yourself? Don’t be shy now Kimberley, oh do kiss and tell.

Not cool. This is a hard one. Obviously not. Firstly, guess I’m self absorbed looking at the type below. HA.

Well, I am easy going. I laugh a great deal and enjoy very much making other people laugh. I do not fight, hate confrontation. A Tom Boy at heart. I am shy but will always come across as an extrovert. I love people, especially the elderly. My mannerisms I am told are sexual yet I remain guarded and avoid situations with laughter. I am compassionate and would give my last meal to someone else who needed it. I am driven and focused. I do not doubt what someone is telling me, which makes me gullible. I do not lie and I am playful. I give no regard if someone is wrong because arguing the point bores me. I do get bored very quickly. I require an incredible amount of attention. I am clear on who I am, Who I want to be and what will be. I am a dreamer and have a strong imagination. I have low energy from illness and cope with hardship by avoiding it. I am not arrogant nor conceited. I curse like a truck driver and pee like a racehorse? I am not a very affection ate person but if I love you, I love you very deeply. The same holds true if I hate you, I most likely always will. I hate no one at the moment. I forgive easily. I am honest and believe most people are honest too. I always have good intentions, despite the outcome. If I support someone I stand behind them and protect them wholeheartedly. I let no one get to know the real me very well. I love fast food and older men. I prefer to write with my pen rather than the keyboard. I don’t drink and can be the life of the party. I get lonely very easily and ideas are constantly spinning in my mind. I’m young at heart and have always since I was 20 looked 10 years younger than I am. I am driven by creativity and it’s process. I snore, talk and walk in my sleep. Do not enjoy television or going to the movies. Love to shop only when I’m in the mood. Can be very stubborn but eventually easy to sway. Enjoy sexuality (there’s an original) but prefer a dominant partner, Don’t spe nd much time observing other people. And realize this is turning into a Hub. That’s a bit of me.

To me, the perfect man is brunette, big arms from when he use to work out, funny, playful, not skinny, dominant,loves white, wears no jewelry or belt, loves to try new things, prankster, honest, slightly controlling, maybe arrogant, attentive, surprising, sexual, OMG I’m describing James Gandolfini from the Sopranos!!!! Actually I’m totally totally cool with that. 🙂

8. Another predictable question but vital, who are some of your favourite Hubbers and why?

There is no possible way from some 10,000 Hubbers (I think) and the dozens I respect, could I narrow it down to a few of my favorite Hubbers. Besides I have favorite Hubs different than favorite Hubbers. I wish i could list them all here. I am sorry, I am not trying to avoid the question. Okay I am.

9. There are some hubbers on HubPages that just seem to take off fast, collecting many fans, achieving great scores while there are others much akin to a broken aeroplane they never seem to take off the ground. What do you think makes a great Hubber?

Well, a good Hubber to me is someone who tries to write quality, interesting Hubs. A person who has a sense of humor about themselves. Someone who will help in any way they can for another Hubber. Those who are active in the community, not just the forums. Those who also read other Hubs, comment and vote on those Hubs, and give constructive and/or supportive feedback to that writer. Someone who is innovative in coming up with new ideas that improve HubPages. And those who go out of their way to help a newcomer. Also I always make a point, because I care, and appreciate when other writers comment, write back on my comments. A Hubbers who’s kindness shines through in their creativity.

Really, bottom line, what makes a good Hubber, is their avatar. lol.

10. Are you married or single? I’m sure many are anxious to know this one!

I am married with multiple partners. All to whom know about each other and are cool with it. My husband at times needs some extra reassurance as he has no additional partners. Mom, I was kidding. geez.

I am divorced, ten years now. So that doesn’t count anymore. I am in a wonderful relationship with a man I call Angel. However, when all is said and done, I will never marry again and consider myself legally single.

11. Lastly but not least, if you could describe yourself as a song, what would it be? I actually see myself as a liitle Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive", minus the platforms. How bout you?

She Talks to Angels, by the Black Crowes.

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